Children's Entertainment

Puppy's World

When it comes to children, many questions will bump your head. What would my kid do? Will, he or she be happy? Is the hotel suitable? Will I have the chance to spare some time for myself? Do not worry, we thought ahead of time and prepared a particular program to please all the family members.

Selectum Luxury Resort Belek is one of the best hotels for children. Kindly check out Selectum's children's clubs for different age groups.

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Our Services are as follows:

  • Puppy's Theater: An interactive activity for children with unique costumes and make-up.
  • Puppy's Cinema & PlayStation Center: The program organizes cinema screenings and PS4 activities.
  • Puppy's Laboratory & Theme Workshop: In addition to having snack foods for children, there are also culinary workshops for children to choose from. There is a game center with three towers and six themed workshop rooms.
  • Adventure Park & ​​Aqua Center: Designed for children and adults, the Lazy River with the Adventure Park and the 8-tower Aqua Center are also located in this area.
  • Boutique: Puppy's World is a specially designed boutique section where you can purchase souvenirs.
  • Sleeping Room: Sleeping room with an occupancy of 18 beds.
  • Lego Center: It is the area where there is a Lego creativity workshop; creative workshops for children are held.
  • Glika Wood Workshop: It is a woodcraft workshop to boost and develop children's existing talents.
  • Photo Aquarium: There is a unique aquarium that includes bubble gum fish and offers the opportunity to enter the photo.
  • Amusement park: The amusement park is open from 20: 00 to 22: 30 with five different stations.


The Selecto Baby Club is specially designed for our 1-4-year-old baby guests. Everything is arranged to make your babies feel at home while you were enjoying the holiday. (0-4 years old guests can come with their parents.)


The Selecto Mini Club is open throughout the day for children aged 4-8. Let your children learn while having fun and enjoying their holiday. In our mini club, they get to explore different cultures and make new friends. We have selected carefully various group games, competitions, and special activities such as pastry school, pizza, and fruit salad making to boost children's intelligence and skill development.


Selectum Luxury Resort offers a colorful program for children. Water slides, team games, and many other activities are organized throughout the day for children aged between 9-15.


Our children's pool includes three slides with a depth of 35 cm and operates during Mini Club working hours. Under the supervision of our children's club supervisors, various activities are held throughout the day in the pool area. Please note that Children's water slides, operating between 10.00-12.00 and 14.00-17.00, are only suitable for children aged 1-5 years.


The playground in Puppy's World includes a water park, slides, swings, and a seesaw. Activities and animation programs are organized throughout the day for children.

WATER SLIDES (Designed for young people)

The water slides next to Puppy's World are specially designed for children between 6-17. We have a water park with three distinctive slides; Let our youngsters enjoy the golden sun of Belek during the summer.


Mini disco events are held in the Mini Club garden every evening from 20.00 to 21.00. Subsequently, the popular and famous cartoons and children's cinemas are displayed on the giant screen set in the garden area. In the case of groups that speak different languages, a non-dialogue film is screened. (If the weather is inappropriate, the screenings are held indoors.)


Any registered guest can take advantage of the events in our club, Make unforgettable memories starting today! Culinary activities such as pastry school, pizza, and fruit salad making are available for children over six years old. After the events, treats are also offered to our little guests upon their parents' approval. Our kitchen is equipped with a Microwave oven, food warmer, bottle disinfection device, blender, refrigerator, fruit yogurt options, fruit puree, milk types, etc. Book a holiday, enjoy a lifetime.