More Fun Every Day

Entertainment has no limit at Selectum Luxury Resort Belek. Concerts, shows, and parties are thrown throughout the summer to enrich your options for more fun holidays. At Selectum, you can participate in many sporting events. Gather your teams and go on hours of fun. Golf, football, tennis, beach volleyball, and many other sports activities are there to make your summer holiday fun.
Daily - Activities

Get ready to experience the best of your holiday thanks to a perfect program designed by top professionals. Book now to have an unforgettable experience regardless of your age.

Fitness, pilates, competitions, and much more are available throughout the summer as our daily activities. Our animation team invites you to the world of Selectum Luxury Resort Belek, where you will enjoy entertaining games and sports activities throughout the day.

SPORTS - Activities
SPORTS - Activities


Spend hours of fun on the Selectum Luxury Resort football field.
SPORTS - Activities

Golf (Paid)

Playing golf is a passion. Enjoy golf at Selectum Luxury Resort Belek.
SPORTS - Activities


Tennis is more enjoyable in the summer. Enjoy playing tennis on our private courts on your holidays has never been more fun.
SPORTS - Activities

Beach volleyball

Beach volleyball, one of the most entertaining sports in summer, is even more fun at Selectum private beach.
SPORTS - Activities


Selectum has a basketball court where you can play and compete against your family or friends.
SPORTS - Activities

Horse Riding (Paid)

It's hard to be separated from them. We're going to the horses' soul. The horse ride will be an excellent activity on holiday.
SPORTS - Activities


The Selectum offers a private archery experience.
SPORTS - Activities

Walking, Jogging

Selectum Luxury Resort has areas where you can walk and jog. How about a morning run in the fresh air?
SPORTS - Activities

Ping pong

Choose your opponent and enjoy the fun.
SPORTS - Activities


Choose your sport. Selectum has a game suitable for you.
SPORTS - Activities


Boccia da Selectum is one of the game options that you can sit and play in a wheelchair.
SPORTS - Activities


Play with friends, loved ones, or meet new people.
SPORTS - Activities

Step, Aerobic

On a lively holiday, entertainment should be exciting. Enjoy the fun at Selectum.
SPORTS - Activities


Indispensable sports. Start your day energetically at Selectum.
SPORTS - Activities

Kangoo Jump

You can spend your time more fun with Kangoo jump bouncing shoes.
SPORTS - Activities

Air rifle

One of the sports activity options at Selectum is the air rifle. Spend a fun time with your friends in the private area.
SPORTS - Activities

Morning Gymnastics

Every day at the Selectum starts beautifully. Start your day energetic with morning gymnastics.
SPORTS - Activities

Water Sports (Paid)

Get ready for great activities on a spectacular sea. Many water sports options await you at the Selectum.
SPORTS - Activities

Catamaran Courses (Paid)

It is also possible to try a sport you have not yet experienced at Selectum.
SPORTS - Activities

Bowling (Paid)

Always a fun activity, bowling awaits you in the Selectum game room.
SPORTS - Activities

Jet Ski (Paid)

Legendary entertainment at Selectum. You can take small breaks of fun while enjoying the sun on the sea sand.
SPORTS - Activities

Water Ski (Paid)

Many entertainments and sports activities will turn your holiday into an adventure at Selectum.
SPORTS - Activities

Ringo (Paid)

Enjoy the fun in the Ringo. Enjoying the beach is even more fun with water sports.
SPORTS - Activities

Kneeboard (Paid)

Choose one of the water sports alternatives at the Selectum and add more pleasure to your holiday.
SPORTS - Activities

Banana (Paid)

Choose a banana activity and enjoy the sea with your friends.
SPORTS - Activities

Canoe (Paid)

Numerous alternatives for water sports await you at Selectum. However, Canoe rides are the best.
SPORTS - Activities

Diving School (Paid)

It is a perfect opportunity to get new talents and live new experiences.

Selectum Luxury Resort Belek offers you a wonderful holiday with dynamic activities, and colorful animations screened day and night.

Leave unforgettable memories of your holiday with the shows of world-famous animation teams and their warm communication.